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Enjoy my Grandmother’s authentic Polish cuisine recipes that were passed onto her from her grandmother in 1942.

  • Handmade pierogies
  • Delicious fillings
  • Classic Polish sandwiches
  • Seasonal Soups
  • Traditional desserts
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Creating quality Polish cuisine and innovative ideas.

Pierogies House owner Evelina was born and raised in Leżajsk, a small city in the Subcarpathian region of Poland. As a child, Evelina grew up in a large family with her two brothers, mom Barbara and babcia (grandma) Julia who taught her to cook traditional Polish dishes like pierogi, bigos, stuffed cabbage and potato pancakes which are all on the menu at Pierogies House today. It was babcia who taught Evelina to cook as a child and make pierogi starting from the dough to a variety of fillings both sweet and savory. In fact, the potato pancakes and the pierogi with sauerkraut and kielbasa served at Pierogies House are made according to babcia’s own recipes. Being born into a large family meant that every event like Christmas Eve dinner revolved around traditional homemade dishes like pierogi which is where Evelina’s passion for food began (cooking not just eating).

We were simply born to make pierogies

Soon after earning a master’s degree from the University of Art in Rzeszow, Evelina moved to Brooklyn, New York where she began working in hospitality for prominent Manhattan restaurants. After years of involvement with various restaurants, Evelina became a partner in a New York restaurant where she got the idea to open a small restaurant of her own. As a busy mom of two boys, Evelina added restaurant owner to her resume as a way of preserving her passion for food, cooking and family recipes while adding Polish cuisine to the very diverse menu of Morristown. After working in hospitality for over 15 years, opening a restaurant of her own was Evelina’s dream come true.

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Evelina mixed traditional Polish foods and American favorites like the Philly cheese stake into her diversified menu to reflect the fact that her family has lived here for over 50 years despite her late arrival. Every week or major event like the Super Bowl there is a special addition to the menu which reflects that season’s flavors. The Pierogies House menu also features classic pierogi types like the potato and farmer cheese as well as the wild blueberry pierogi which are a traditional summer time favorite.